Tips and Encouragement for Artists and Beatmakers | Part 5

It’s Okay to be a Beginner: 
A personal word of encouragement to all who are just starting out is not to get discouraged because you have extra work to put in. The advantage you have over the more talented is that people will more easily connect with you on a personal level, and will have the opportunity and privilege to watch you grow and mature as you pursue your dream. It’s one thing to see someone come out of nowhere and be an instant star, but it so much richer to watch someone come up through the ranks as they perfect their craft in pursuit of their musical goals.

So keep your head up if your are just starting out. It is not as bad as you think. The worst thing anyone could do is have the passion or the natural talent, but do absolutely nothing with it. Think of it. Do you want to be that person who looks back years later and thinks along the lines of ”If I could do it all over again” or "If only I would have gave it a shot". Now is the time to go after what you really want no matter where you are on the scale of talent, because every success story has a beginning. All it takes is a dream and determination with a plan and you are well on your way. 

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