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Tips and Encouragement for Artists and Beatmakers | Part 9 

Number 1 is Overrated: 
I'll close with this. It is typical that some artists and beat makers say and feel they are Number 1 and some actually make it there. However, my goal has never been to be #1, instead, it has been to be the best at what I do.  So I challenge you to strive to do the same.  

Thank you if you made it this far reading my posts on this series. Hopefully it has inspired you and will somehow have a positive impact on your road to success. So be encouraged, stick to your grind and remember to love what you do regardless to whether or not success and fame come your way. And don't let money be the foundation of your drive, because money has no soul and therefore can not give life to what you imagine and create.  

Be blessed and much success to you all, 


Tips and Encouragement for Artists and Beatmakers | Part 8 

Be Original: 
Remember the historical icons of music? Some are still with us, but others have come and gone. The common theme though is that their work never seems to die. You probably have a few in mind already now that I mentioned it. Why were they so successful among many other reasons? They had their individual style. So what I'm saying is strive to create your own lane to standout, even if you choose to go mainstream. Question...If you listened to 5 beats that were all traditional Hop Hop, but one of the beats had a sample of Spanish Stomp Dancing on a creaky wooden floor as part of the hook with a tango type vibe, which beat among the 5 would stand out the most to you? So be different and brand yourself apart from others so that you have a better chance of being remembered many years from now...or be known as one of the classics.

Tips and Encouragement for Artists and Beatmakers | Part 7 

Invest in Yourself: 
If you have got mad skills, then maybe it's a good time to do some research on music equipment to establish your own home studio. It’s okay to borrow sometimes, but it’s much better to have your own setup when inspiration strikes, instead of working around someone else’s schedule. Many successful artists today and in the past have made a hit record working right out of their garage, basement or hotel room. So working with a home studio or going mobile is a great opportunity to capture your best work when it happens.

On the other hand, if you are not as blessed to have the skills of the naturally talented, then you probably should focus more of your time on learning or perfecting the areas that could use some improvement, before buying all that gear (that does not necessarily have to be cutting edge by the way). For some this could be as simple as reading up on a few good books, watching informative tutorials online or going all out and taking lessons.  It is really up to you to determine how to proceed forward that will most likely depend on where you are musically and what you are driven to do.