1.  How do I go about purchasing beats here at Beatzville? 

For your convenience, we have included easy-to-follow instructions on our home page to walk you through the entire process of purchasing a beat.

2.  Is it possible to see the license terms for the beat prior to making my purchase? 

Yes.  After clicking the cart on the beat you are interested in, select the license you want followed by clicking on the 'Preview Full Contract' button.

3.  Will I receive the license along with my purchased beat? 

Yes.  Your license will be included in the download along with your purchased beat.

4.  Will voice tags that I hear while listening to beats on your beat store also be on beats that I purchase? 

No.  The voices tags you hear when visiting our site are there to protect our beats from being ripped, but rest assured that your purchased beat will not contain any voice tags.

5.  What exactly is an Unlimited license and why should I consider it over the cheaper licenses?

There are many advantages to purchasing an unlimited license, but the most significant advantage is that there is no limit on the amount of distribution of your mastered track the same as if you had purchased an Exclusive License.  And better yet, the Unlimited License allows you to continue distributing and earning off of your mastered track indefinitely...for life without needing to renew your license, even if someone else purchases the "exclusive rights" to the same beat you used for your track. 

The lower tiered licenses (MP3, WAV & WAV with Trackout) also allow you to continue distributing and earning income from the mastered track you released after someone else has purchased the "exclusive rights" to the beat.  However, when you have reached the limit of your license for these lower tiered licenses, you will not be able to renew or upgrade if the "exclusive rights" has already been sold.

6. What is the best way to determine which license is best for me?

Having several license options can be a double-edged sword when trying to figure out which license is best for you, so here are a few things to consider that may help you with your decision.

Commercial Use | For Profit Use

 MP3 License:  If you have a limited budget to work with and are just starting out, the MP3 License would be most cost effective for you.  This will get you up and running on Youtube with unlimited (non-monetized) video streams for your promotion, as well as up to 500,000 online music streams and distribution of up to 10,000 copies of your mastered track.  This should certainly help to create a buzz about you as a new artist or creative.

WAV License:  If you have a little more in your budget to work with and want to significantly increase your promotional and earning potential, then the WAV License would most likely work for you.  This would allow you the same unlimited (non-monetized) video streams on Youtube as the MP3 license, but it would also increase your maximum to 1,000,000 online music streams and additional distribution allowing up to 20,000 copies of your mastered track for your growing fan base.

WAV w/ Trackout: And for just a little more of an investment, you can opt for the WAV with Trackout Stems allows you unlimited (non-monetized) video streams on YouTube, but increases your maximum music streams to 2,000,000, while also raising your max cap of distribution to 30,000 copies of your mastered track. This is the best choice for a license under the Unlimited and Exclusive licenses, because it requires a little more than your investment in the lower tiered license, but offers so much more for your investment, while significantly increasing your star power.

Unlimited Lease w/ Trackout:  If you have a budget for investing in an Unlimited License, you will essentially maximize your project earnings via unlimited distribution...for life.  This investment will also grant you unlimited online music streams and unlimited distribution of your mastered track.  Also, unlimited (monetized) Youtube video streams are included when this license is purchased from our Traktrain Beat Store.. 

If it is not important for you to own "exclusive rights" or you simply would rather not pay for the more expensive "Exclusive License", then the Unlimited License would likely be the best choice for you.  And remember, unlike the lower tiered licenses, you would never need to renew an Unlimited License and would not be effected by someone purchasing the "exclusive rights" to the same beat used in your project.

Exclusive License:  An Exclusive License is the most expensive license that you would need, but there are key benefits to purchasing an Exclusive License.  The most important aspect to most that purchase this license is the prestige of owning the "exclusive rights".  This means that we would no longer be able to sell or license the beat to anyone else. 

This license also allows you to have more than one mastered recording using the same licensed beat.  In fact, you would be granted the rights to record and use unlimited mastered recordings for unlimited distribution.  This adds additional monetary value to your purchased license.

Further, there are other benefits such as being able to use the "Instrumental" synchronized with lyrics or visual content for TV Broadcast, Video Gaming and Film.

7. How do I go about purchasing an exclusive license for a beat?  

You can purchase our exclusive beats from our Traktrain beat store, which will include the Trackout stems.  We also currently offer Discounted Exclusive beats from our Shaolin Beatz Store. if you do not see the beat that you are interested in that you may have discovered on our YouTube channel, simply drop us a line or two with an offer on our contact page about the beat(s) in question, and we will get right back to you as soon as possible.

Hopefully this information provided has been helpful to you in both comparison of the different license features as well as helping you see which license would best meet your promotional or commercial needs.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact us via our contact page and we will get right back to you as soon as possible.

God Bless and much success to you.

Deleswa Productions