1.  How do I go about purchasing beats here at Beatzville? 

For your convenience, we have included easy-to-follow instructions on our home page to walk you through the entire process of purchasing a beat.

2.  Is it possible to see the license terms for the beat prior to making my purchase? 

Yes.  A summary of the terms can be viewed using the info link on the beat and you can view a sample of the full license here: Unlimited License Agreement

3.  Will I receive the license along with my purchased beat? 

A personalized license with the name of the beat and date of purchase as well as the name of the licensee (you) and the licensor (Deleswa Productions) will be sent in a separate email to the email address provided during your checkout. A download link for the track-out stems will also be included in the second email, if they are available.

4.  Will voice tags that I hear while listening to beats on your website also be on beats that I purchase and download? 

The voice tags you hear when visiting our site are only there to protect our beats from being ripped or stolen. Currently we do not sell tag beats, so rest assured that your beat will not contain any voice tags.

5.  Why do you only offer an Unlimited License?

For many years... we offered several different types of licenses, but the main things that stood them apart was whether or not they were an Mp3 or a WAV file, whether or not Track-out Stems were included, and the limits that were associated with each license in respect to maximum allowed caps (distribution, sales, streams, and live performance).

And after some thought, we decided to simplify the buying process for you by combining the best features of all the licenses under the Exclusive License, while significantly reducing the price to offer the best value to you. And our Unlimited License allows us to do this. One License... Unlimited Potential is what we say. And why not. We want to position you for success using our beats without you having to worry about renewing your license or exceeding cap limits, so you can focus on what is most important... finishing your next project to share with the world and hopefully making a hit in the process.

6. Do you still offer Exclusive Beats?

Yes... but it is by special request, so just give us a holler if you see something you are interested in. Same goes for any beats that you may have discovered on our YouTube channel or Instagram.

Hopefully this information provided has been helpful to you.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact us via our contact page and we will get right back to you as soon as possible.

God Bless and much success to you.

Deleswa Productions