Deleswa working on a music project in PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional

About Deleswa

Journey from DJ to Music Producer

Darrin Swafford aka Deleswa, the founder and CEO of Deleswa Productions in 2010, is a multi-talented music producer from Ohio with over 10 years of experience in music production, who specializes in diverse hip hop beats and melodic instrumentals.  His musical talents range from mixing and mastering to being self-taught on the piano, drums, and bass guitar. His style and inspiration were influenced by years of listening to various types of music and experiencing cultures from around the world during his life and travels. Deleswa currently makes his music productions available for licensing to creatives such as singers, rappers, poets, spoken-word-lyricists, and dancers. Also, since becoming a member of ASCAP, he has aspirations of not only supporting the artists community, but to also get music placements for commercial television and film production. 

Stepping back into the 80's, Darrin started his musical journey as a young teen, making pause mixtapes for friends in his neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. This hobby quickly evolved into a passion by the age of 15, when he decided to link up with a friend known as DJ Shiek to become a Street DJ. After graduating from High School and enlisting in the military, Darrin had the opportunity to join forces with New York based DJ crews "Top Secret Productions" and later "Trak II Productions" as Scratch Master "D", spinning vinyl in nightclubs during his time in Korea. This was a challenge at first given Darrin's prominent exposure and inspiration for oldschool hip hop such as Mantronix, Doug E Fresh, The Fat Boys, Dana Dane, Roxanne Shante, and many others. This was because of the need to play more of a variety to include RnB, Pop, and House music relevant during that time within the club scene. Afterwards, Darrin decided to switch it up to pursue his passion of becoming a well respected music producer, starting out with only a Tascam 4-Track Cassette Recorder, a Yamaha X3500 keyboard, and later a Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine and Korg N264 keyboard workstation. Little did he know this was the beginning of what would later become known as Deleswa Productions. Additionally, during the span of time from 1992 to 2016, after Darrin recommitted his life to Jesus Christ; he volunteered a significant amount of time toward worship services, including music workshops and concerts, all while serving as the lead Bassist for 2 churches in Korea, 3 churches in the United States of America, and 1 church in Italy.

Currently, Deleswa balances his music career with his pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, which is a challenge, but anything is possible when determination and dedication are the pillars of that pursuit. Music-wise, he produces and drops new beats on a regular basis to continue building his sound library, while striving to improve and learn new techniques to help evolve his musical sound and style. This includes occasional collaboration with other artists and producers to help keep the interest of music alive across social networks, while building strong relationships with others who share a common interest and love for music.

If you are interested in learning more about Deleswa, we invite you to connect with and follow him via the social networks he is a part of. Also, if you would like to stay informed on when new beats and free music downloads are released and made available to the public, feel free to subscribe to the mailing list on the home page of Beatzville. Thank you for your time and interest in Deleswa Productions here at Beatzville and hope that you will be back to visit us very soon.

God Bless and much success to you.

Home Studio


PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional



XLN Audio Addictive Keys

XLN Audio XO

M-Audio Arsenal

Air Music AirDRUMS

Air Music Hybrid 

Arturia Analog Lab 5

Arturia Piano V2

Elektron Overbridge

Lurssen Mastering Console

Accusonus Beatformer

Accusonus Regroover Pro 



Korg i3



Studiologic numacompact2x  



Yamaha Reface DX  

Yamaha Reface CS




Arturia Keylab 88 mk2 (black edition)

Nektar Impact LX88+


Akai Studio Black 

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro 

PreSonus Atom 



Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

Polyend Limited Edition Pete Cannon Tracker


1010music Blackbox 

Beat Thang 



Elektron Digitakt 

Zoom H1n 



Arturia Drumbrute

Arturia Drumbrute Impact


Schecter Stiletto Studio-5  



Tascam DP 24SD  

Zoom R24  

Zoom R8  



Neumann NDH-20  

Audio Technica ATH-M50x  



PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL



M-Audio BX4



Reloop Spin 

Our Sound

Our sound covers a wide range of musical styles and genres, centered and grounded around unique melodies and drum arrangements, both simple and complex, but always with “emotional content” [Bruce Lee, 1973, Enter the Dragon (R.I.P)].  This emotion can rest within the realm of nostalgia, reflection, and deep thought, but can also range anywhere from positive and inspirational to dark and mysterious.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple.  To equip creatives with the unique sound they need to be successful at what they do, but more importantly, to be remembered.

And for our listeners, to provide the best premium listening experience possible with over 4 hours of available music streaming via our Beatzville Lounge and from our beat tape albums that are available at our Music Store here at Beatzville and from most major online distributors and streaming services.

Artist Credits

Image of Tahmar| MIDNIT3 (avatar)_preview



RAP STYLE: Lyrical | Soulful | Storytelling

REPRESENTS: Baltimore, Maryland

RELEASED TRACK: Food Of Love - Prod. by Deleswa

BEAT USED IN TRACK: Momentum - Prod. by Deleswa

LINK: Bandcamp page


Image of Johnny Dukane | IMG_20171005_222655_026



RAP STYLE: Christian Hip Hop

REPRESENTS: New York, New York

RELEASED TRACK: "The ISM" - Prod. by Deleswa

BEAT USED IN TRACK: Back to the Basics - Prod. by Deleswa

LINK: Youtube channel 

Image of LFiers | 13765732_10153952183209542_18753562764



RAP STYLE: Chopper | Multi-Syllable | Rhyme Schemes | Melodic | Versatile

REPRESENTS: Melbourne, Australia

UNRELEASED TRACK: I Am Me (Be Yourself) Prod. by Deleswa

BEAT USED IN TRACK: End of Days - Prod. by Deleswa

LINK: Facebook page

Film Credits

Victoria | (2019) Short Film