Tips and Encouragement for Artists and Beatmakers | Part 8

Be Original: 
Remember the historical icons of music? Some are still with us, but others have come and gone. The common theme though is that their work never seems to die. You probably have a few in mind already now that I mentioned it. Why were they so successful among many other reasons? They had their individual style. So what I'm saying is strive to create your own lane to standout, even if you choose to go mainstream. Question...If you listened to 5 beats that were all traditional Hop Hop, but one of the beats had a sample of Spanish Stomp Dancing on a creaky wooden floor as part of the hook with a tango type vibe, which beat among the 5 would stand out the most to you? So be different and brand yourself apart from others so that you have a better chance of being remembered many years from now...or be known as one of the classics.

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