Tips and Encouragement for Artists and Beatmakers | Part 1

Hello and welcome to my Beat Blog here at Beatzville. If you are a new or intermediate artist (i.e. singer, rapper, poet, spoken-word-lyricist, or dancer) or beat maker (i.e. music producer, composer, musician, or instrumentalist), this is for you. I originally posted this as a single long read, but decided to break it down into a short series and hope that it finds you well. 

Know Yourself: 
This is a short but very important point to understand and follow. If you are interested in a music career, it is a good thing to do a self-evaluation of where you stand musically before establishing your plan of action. You will thank yourself later as you see the time and money saved and the embarrassments avoided. I will touch more on this during Part 4 (Don't Believe Everything You Hear).

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