Tips and Encouragement for Artists and Beatmakers | Part 6

Put the Writing on the Wall: 
One of the most important things you can do as an artist or beat maker is to promote and make yourself visible to the world. This could be by word of mouth, by passing out flyers, pushing demos or by joining music sites that are designed for artists to connect with the rest of the music world. So don’t be afraid to get out there and meet people who have the same passion as you. Music collaborations are another great way to show your professionalism, versatility, and ability to work well with others. These are qualities that others will respect that will most likely open doors you thought not possible.

If you aren’t already on the major social networks, I would suggest doing that as well as it will allow you to connect your music fans around the world with the work that you do. This will help grow your fan base because you know without fans, there wouldn't be any stars. For some, this may be a big step, but it will really help you brand yourself within the music communities and could possibly generate leads from A&R scouts who may have had their eye on you all along.

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